SaaS Ventures

In addition to our general focus on Digital Entrepreneurs one sub-topic that we specialize in as part of this is SaaS – Software as a Service.

Focus areas include:

Mobile iPayments: Identity-Enabled Mobile Payments

The explosive growth of “NFC” – Near Field Communications, is creating demand not only for the required mobile apps but also the enterprise middleware that connects these to back-end legacy systems for a variety of exciting new Digital commerce functions.

wordpressGrowth Hacking with WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used open source content management applications in the world today, and  although it is most often used as a blogging tool, it can be enhanced with over 30,000 different plugins, from Google Maps to knowledge bases and much more.

SaaS for Healthcare

One of our key vertical focus groups is Healthcare, with experts recently identifying it as a sector that would benefit hugely from more SaaS applications. With the explosion of consumerized healthcare via self-help mobile phone apps and the Internet of Things this is a huge market.

Program Leaders

neil-mcevoy-2Neil McEvoy

Neil McEvoy has been pioneering multi-tenant software architectures and the business models they enable for over twenty years, beginning with DEC Alpha minicomputers used to provide the very first SaaS long before the term was invented.

Neil also led the development of the early Euopean web hosting market, heading up the Strategic business unit for PSINet that dominated the sector in the 90’s, and via a joint venture with Microsoft launched one of Europe’s first pure play ASPs (Application Service Providers).

This spun out Atlantis, the internal software Microsoft was using to run their MSN portal at the time, into the very first CMS-as-a-Service venture.

Since then Neil has launched and advised on numerous SaaS Ventures, with an ongoing specialism in the CMS field, including apps such as Drupal and WordPress.



  1. Hi Neil, I am working on two projects that fit these criteria but both are early stage…can we connect next week and see how we can collaborate?

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