Canada Cloud Roadmap

Blueprint for next generation Cloud services

The Canada Cloud Roadmap is a Technology Roadmap for the Cloud computing industry, a guide to planning new products and services such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

It’s therefore an ideal (free!) planning resource for telcos, web hosting companies, SaaS entrepreneurs and any other business considering expanding their product set into the Cloud, and covers:

  • How to build a product roadmap plan for Cloud services
  • Market segments and sizings
  • Service models
  • Innovation Accelerators: Industry solutions

Creative Commons LicenseDownload Canada Cloud Roadmap, a free and open source resource.

solution_accelerators2Industry Accelerators

Industry Accelerators package consulting expertise, managed services and vendors into pre-packaged solutions for specific business scenarios

Business Planning

Technology Roadmaps directly feed startup business plans because both document specific product and industry segment opportunities, for the same reasons – For attracting investment and so forth.

For example in this article on VentureBeat they describe the different insights that American investors are using to quantify the Cloud industry opportunities, and this can be linked directly to this model of product innovation – In the article they reference how Bessemer Ventures are focused on sectors like PaaS (Platform as a Service).

With this in mind then the types of analyst reports that help define the target markets include reports like the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Hosting. This provides an overview of the main market players and what products and services they offer, and makes key headline points like just how far ahead Amazon is in front of every one else.

There are many others that the Roadmap can pick and choose from that share different perspectives. For example it is especially illuminating to look at the product strategies of the major vendors, like this slide from a Citrix presentation, which describes it in the terms they perceive the market:

Not only does this show the growth rates but also the major product categories.



  1. Justin Groen says:

    Happy to lend my support and see if we can do something really, really positive for Canadian innovation.

  2. I am also happy to lend support. Very exciting!

  3. As a Canadian company we would like to assist in anyway we can. Here is a free SaaS secure on demand board portal

  4. This is a great initiative for a number of different communities. I would love to participate as an individual in this space and as a vendor for Canadian Innovation.

  5. Would like to contribute as well – especially as it relates to assisting firms with the BYOD and BYOC strategies. For firms dealing with governments, I think there’s also considerable merit it looking at the practical realities of implementing cloud solutions – often there’s a requirement for a local instance to be installed within the national borders of the client.

  6. I would be interested in contributing to Cloud desktop and BYOD, Private cloud datacenters, and Private GIS Cloud servers.

  7. Would be happy to contribute some Cloudyn research and data on usage and cost trends for Amazon Web Services, plus cost optimization best-practices for the cloud.

  8. Sounds very exciting and futuristic.

    Being a Canada, Toronto based cloud company we are happy to participate and provide our support wherever necessary.

    Best Regards.

  9. Count me in…

  10. mark fawcett says:

    Looking for group/company to assist in getting iVerifly up and running in Canada! A partnership split provided you can make inroads into and have connection in Canada in the ecommerce space!

    Count me in!

  11. Our latest update is available @

  12. You have my full support Neil. As one of the first CCN member I am looking to sponsor the registration process as well. Sponsored by


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