Digital Disruptors

digital-disruptorsCreating Big Bang Disruption with the Google Cloud Platform

As Sarah Frier writes on Bloomberg the recent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp will fuel a series of follow on acquisitions, the ideal feeding frenzy for savvy entrepreneurs.

These opportunities provide the ideal context for the best elevator pitch for Cloud Computing.

Basically if any one asks me for a quick overview of Cloud Computing, I always point to the value it offers startups as the best way to summarize the benefits. This very nicely articulated in this Mashable article – Scaling Instagram.

The ability to more rapidly bring new products to market while minimizing cash flow outlay is the primary challenge for small startups, but equally big corporations face the same exact challenge but only on a much larger and more complex scale.

Hence why it is such a good overview, and this is the primary value of Cloud computing.


To help explain this principle in more detail I have written a short eBook, ‘Digital Disruptors – Creating Big Bang Disruption on the Google Cloud’, covering:

  • Key technology trends, such as Mobile Big Data Computing and Social Search
  • An overview of the Google Cloud platform in delivering on these trends
  • Case study examples of startups and also ‘Digital CIOs’ like Canadian Tire

pdf-small1Free Download: Digital Disruptors


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