Digital Entrepreneur

US-IT-INTERNET-HEALTH-JAWBONE Despite the surrounding economic gloom there has never really been a better time to launch a new tech business.

Big successes like Radian6 that sold for a whopping $326m demonstrate how lucrative it can be for entrepreneurs and investors, and in today’s climate of mobile, social and big data cloud computing, there has never been a more fertile time for growth opportunities.

map5Startup Map

Our e-learning library for entrepreneurs is intended to act more like a treasure map than a dusty book collection.

We organize blogs, Youtube videos and much more from a spectrum of technology and startup experts, to help you best plan and build your own startup ship and set sail for the Clouds!


Industry Opportunities

Complimenting this program is our Canada Cloud Roadmap, which details a number of specific industry opportunity areas, including:

A National Strategy for High Growth Entrepreneurship

This is part of an overall effort to grow the startup ecosystem in Canada, and with a particular focus on helping create what a newspaper article called ‘Gazelles’, discussed by the National Post and the Globe and Mail.

These are ‘high performance’ small business startups, those with potential for considerable revenues through global growth.


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