Crowdsourcing Canada’s Digital Economy Action Plan

Let’s Crowdsource Canada!

Canada is missing a Digital Economy strategy and it imperils the nations future in the modern knowledge economy.

Don Tapscott suggests Canada should team up and use the latest crowdsourcing techniques to address the issue.

We agree and the objective of this library section is exactly that, to have multiple authors work together to co-author the missing policy document.

headsTurning Ideas into Actions – Building a New Innovation Machine

Our goal is to build a new ‘innovation machine’, as described in this presentation from Carleton University. and this one Lead to Win.

Although Canada is technically lacking a Digital Economy strategy in terms of a single official document from the government, there is no shortage of actual material out there that constitutes such a plan, including specific inputs to this effect from vendors like Microsoft and Cisco.

Indeed as you can see there is an ocean of intellectual property and innovative ideas available to be marshalled into such an action plan.


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