Becoming a Digital Entrepreneur with Microsoft BizSpark and Azure

Beginning in September and led by Microsoft’s Marc Gagne, this series of courses will help Digital Entrepreneurs rapidly come up to speed with how they might leverage the Microsoft Azure services for their new Cloud venture.

Over six weeks Marc will cover:

  1. How BizSpark Helps your Startups – An introduction to the program and what the offers include
  2. How to get your WordPress site on Azure – Overview the various types of websites you can deploy and scale on Azure
  3. Using Git or GitHub to manage your deployments with Azure – How to use git and or github to not only manage your source control but deploy to the cloud including into dev/test and production
  4. Storage – How to leverage binary storage to keep your static documents (pdfs, CSS, scripts) as well as videos in a central resilient and easily accessible place
  5. Azure Mobile Serviced – Leverage Azure Mobile Services to target iOS, Android and Windows apps including authentication and notifications

Accelerator Modules

Throughout this course additional Microsoft experts will zoom in on specific topics, to help entrepreneurs identify specific market segments and SaaS application opportunities they may wish to exploit.

Building machine learning apps with Microsoft Azure

Roger Barga of Microsoft Research will introduce and explain how to build ML apps on Azure. Read more here.




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