Mnemonic Guard supports Canadian Cloud innovation

Mnemonic Guard from Japan is our latest Crowdfunding Sponsor – Thanks!

A key goal of our startup business development activities is that as well as helping Canadian startups expand abroad, it’s also to help bring new ones to Canada too.

As part of this we showcase these opportunities here to start building initial partnership introductions and so forth.

For a sense of the market they are addressing, check out this Newsweek article on ‘Facelock’, innovations from IBM and in particular this article. on research from the University of York.

These are all innovations similar to MG, but where the university work describes academic research at this stage, MG has already produced the actual technology, ready for licencing and deployment.

MG founder Hitoshi, shares his comments on these developments here.

Read more in this outline business plan, and connect directly with Hitoshi to discuss, or email me.

VM Farms

ninjaVM Farms are a Toronto based hosting provider, offering a range of Cloud and managed services, some times dressed as ninja.

As their blog reports customers like Incube are delighted that VM Farms has taken over the operational management of their critical web servers.

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