Update: Cloud VDI For Healthcare

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Document can be found: here.

This document has been updated as of August 1st, 2012 to include a paragraph discussing how the cloud and cloud services as deployed by the non-government or research community can help move evidence along to help improve quantitative evidence for both care and costing decisions.

Video Link: here

The above video further emphasizes the point with Todd Park, the CTO of the Obama Administration in the US (and former CTO of the US Department of Health and Human Services) explaining how “Big Data”, and by extension the interfacing elements of SaaS and cloud providers can play in mining and exploring the data inherent in the health system. While Canada’s market is different than the United States, we have an even more valuable opportunity to tie all the government and related services together, given our lack of data and general IT infrastructure in many areas, as well as access from extra-governmental bodies. In summary, the update to the document, as well as the video above provide compelling anecdotal evidence as to a rationale for pursuing cloud and in general distributed information services across multiple sectors and layers of government and other connected services.

David Chartash