Canadian Hybrid SaaS Project Using the Alberta SuperNet

The Alberta SuperNet is a perfect model for secure “Hybrid SaaS” for government.  The key is a complete layer 2 network is in place to reach 4000 Government locations.

Through multiple Gbps links from RackForce’s cloud and VLANS we can deliver access to cloud infrastructure and services behind the customer’s firewall from our Kelowna, Calgary and Toronto cloud centers.

We have chosen VMware’s vCloud as our cloud delivery technology. VMware’s virtualization technology is present in most data centers so the customer can move partially or fully to the cloud with relative ease and high confidence.

With vCloud Director and vCloud Connector the Customer now has the ability to manage virtual data centers at any vCloud Powered Provider data center and/or on their own site(s).

Now what is really cool about vCloud and vCloud Providers (like RackForce) is you now have a standardized cloud model in which you have the ability to setup your own catalog of application templates (called vApps) that are relevant to your orgnaization plus have the ability to access a huge App Store of applications that are pre-templated by the vendors and certified by VMware. The licenses either come from the customer or come from the vCloud provider. Essentially you can now turn any application into a SaaS delivered model even if it is an old Line of Business Application.

As far as Ontario and the rest of Canada goes the layer 2 network has to come from the carriers so instead minutes to deliver (in RackForce/SuperNet’s case) it usually takes a number of weeks as there is negotiation involved and sometimes construction. In our cloud model RackForce usually contracts with the carriers and manages the network as we can leverage our cross country backbone and buying power to keep costs way down. As of late we have been adding on Tier 1 Internet at 1/2th the cost as we are connected to Seattle and Toronto Internet exchanges and this is a cloud enabler for us.

It’s a little bit challenging to explain this in words alone but I hope this brings across how straight forward Hybrid SaaS can be now. There are still a few road bumps to work through but it is very doable and cloud innovators (cloud service providers, cloud solution providers and cloud customers) are seeing great success with this model.