Business Plan


The CCN business plan and funding strategy

The CCN operates as a Canadian not-for-profit industry association, chartered to establish Canada as a world leader in the global field of Cloud Computing.

To support the organization financially, the CCN operates:

  • A ‘Community Business Plan‘ – For individual and corporate sponsors we also operate a ‘Community Business Plan’, where we aggregate together a number of innovative projects and help finance them through Crowdfunding.
  • A Research Funding Plan – To provide funding to fuel this campaign we partner with other non-profits and academic organizations to apply for research grants, here in Canada and also in growth markets including the EU. For these applications we maintain a central business plan document: CCN-NOI_BLNCE-application, with full written business plan and associated costings Spreadsheet.
  • EU Horizon 2020 Large-scale funding effort targeting the new $120 billion EU Horizon 2020 program.

The purpose of this best practices program is meet these needs outlined in how to achieve Canada’s Cloud Imperative:

Industry best practice

The cloud economy is in need of strong industry champions capable of demonstrating the potential of cloud computing. Currently, few standards and best practices are in place to guide the cloud industry. Industry best practices are needed not only on a national level, but internationally as well. In a global market, the cloud has the potential to intensify the forces of globalization.

Industry standards and best practices must emanate from the providers and users themselves. As the epicentre of the Canadian cloud computing industry, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is likely the most prepared to lead the charge. Industry associations must collaborate around common concerns and must build a cloud consensus in Canada that can transcend the globe.

Government support is necessary but insufficient to spearhead best practice. Rather, domain experts must collaborate around the common challenges and opportunities facing the Canadian cloud economy.”



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