Digital Entrepreneurs – What about a Canadian Dr Phil app?

dr-phil-app1As described in our SaaS Ventures program a key industry sectors we focus on is Healthcare.

One of the leading experts for Cloud Computing in Canada not just Healthcare is Dennis Giokas, CTO for Canada Health Infoway, and in his white paper series on the topic he describes SaaS as a ‘greenfield opportunity’ for the sector. In short it’s not about migrating existing legacy apps to the Cloud but rather buying a whole bunch of new ones they have never used before.

What better a scenario for new SaaS Digital Entrepreneurs, so what might these apps be?

Of course the first fundamental step is to identify the business opportunity, what is the unmet need in the market that the entrepreneur can satisfy, and with Healthcare again there is rich pickings.

For example as described in this CBC article Canadians suffer the longest wait times to see a family doctor, clearly an area that could be improved. One way to do so is exemplified by the innovative “Dr Phil app“, the service he promotes that connects patients with doctors on demand via mobile phone video calls.

Simple but highly effective: Cut right through all the red tape, connect doctor with patient, immediately, with payment on the spot to generate the required cash flow for all involved.

Mobile iPayments for Healthcare

So our first DE virtual workshop will explore, technically and commercially, how this might be replicated in Canada, and this will showcase a number of key technology innovations, most notably:

Mobile video – Obviously the first part is how is the video call achieved.

iPayments – How could the service be paid for, with the payment routed to the doctor? We’ll explore the same systems being used in Starbucks for ‘Near Field Communications’ enabled commerce.

Hybrid Cloud SaaS middleware – How might the doctor be granted access to your eHealth records, wherever they are stored, as part of this provisioning process? We’ll look at how the ‘Canadian Hybrid Cloud‘ model will be key to this requirement.

registerTo join this workshop, simply join our Linkedin group and follow this thread, it will send you email alerts as we announce more information.


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