Canadian Hybrid Cloud – Microsoft best practices

hybrid-cancloud1The Canadian Hybrid Cloud is our headline initiative for promoting custom solutions, based in Canada.

While Amazon and Google cater for a very specific use case scenario for their IaaS, this still only meets the needs of a fairly small minority of business needs, massive though that sector is.

In contrast the Hybrid Cloud is ideal as a framework for Custom Solutions – To cater for the many variables most business users will have such as existing hardware and legacy systems, so other tools like simple co-location and traditional managed services are also key.

Smaller, local providers are typically better equipped to respond to this variance with flexibility, and also often these projects also need high speed network performance, so the local aspect is technically important as well as meaning more customer intimacy.

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud – Best Practices

Microsoft defines their Hybrid Cloud program here, achieved through a combination of Windows Server internal to the enterprise, which can be linked to public Cloud services for ‘bursting’ and other scenarios like disaster recovery, with both environments managed via Systems Centre.

Naturally Microsoft refer to Azure as the public Cloud in their documentation, and so the primary goal of our program is to define how this same model can be achieved but with public Cloud services hosted physically in Canada.

For some industries especially the regulated ones like Government and Finance this can be an explicit requirement, and so this solutioning program will provide them with the best practices information they need to find their optimum configuration.


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