Meet the CCN Advisor: Mike Monteith, Thoughtwire

mike-monteithSmart Agent Cloud Computing

The first Advisor to be profiled is the perfect example of all these points.

Mike Monteith leads Toronto-based startup Thoughtwire, specializing in what the future of the Cloud is all about – “Smart” computing.

For some context check out this article I wrote, just over ten years ago now, where I suggest the ongoing evolution of the Cloud will lead to the emergence of the technological Singularity.

Given Google employed the man in question to work on it, not necessarily as sci-fi as you might think, and in more immediate terms offers a tremendously powerful metaphor for addressing what are still the most common issues in software design today: Poor business process integration due to a lack of adaptive smarts.

In the article I talked about how XML Web services will be enhanced through AI capability, enabling them to become more dynamic and better able to integrate across domains.

This is where Thoughtwire are positioning. Their platform offers a new framework for application development, one that can tap these dynamics.

Mike also pointed me to some great reading for external market validation of their work: Check out the McKinsey view on disruptive technologies, the Gartner forecast for 2014 (Smart Machines) and the perfect one given their company name, PwC on moving from workflows to mindflows.

In terms of how this relates to the Cloud, GigaOm capture it through describing how it will enable the enterprise market to procure “Cognition-as-a-Service“.

As you can imagine this is going to be a huge industry and massively disruptive globally, with Canadian startups like Thoughtwire leading the change, so perhaps the big idea isn’t so unrealistic after all, eh Canada!

Stay tuned for more Meet the Advisor profiles….


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