Your online data is safe, it’s “Protected by Canadian Cloud Security”

cancloud-security5One of the headline themes of our Cloud Roadmap is ‘Protected by Canadian Cloud Security‘.

The motivation here is a simple but powerful one: That Cloud Security is still the number one reason for hesitating over migrating to the Cloud, and that Canada is uniquely positioned to specialize in this field.

Digital Economy

Cloud Security is key to our initiative to build a Canadian Digital Economy strategy.

As Michael Geist describes Canada faces daunting challenges to compete in the global ‘Digital Economy’ – As well as missing critical policy documents the government is also dramatically fallen behind in e-government service delivery.

Cloud Security is the number one reason holding back adoption of the modern new systems that will address this situation, and our initiative will explore and document how best this can be achieved.

This holds huge promise in practical benefit.

A recent report from the Canadian ICT Council, ‘Canada’s Cloud Imperative‘, describes how these are also essential to the broader economic benefit this will bring for Canada, including an estimated 57,000 jobs and a projected GDP contribution growing from $4.6 billion to $8.2 billion by 2018:

“Canada is currently ranked 9th out of 24 countries in the BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard, due largely to the lack of cyber security standards in Canada, as well as outdated copyright laws that are perceived to provide insufficient protection for online material.”

Project activities to begin moving this forward include helping launch a Toronto chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance, and scheduling our first workshop to focus on this agenda, read more here:


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