Canadian Hybrid Cloud on Microsoft

gladstoneMicrosoft realizes that cloud presents an amazing opportunity to rethink the role that IT plays in defining winning business strategies and they have come up with Hybrid cloud to help businesses cloud optimize their business.

Gladstone Grant announces this for Canada here.

The Microsoft’s hybrid cloud lets you move the workloads easily from your hosting service provider’s datacenter or enterprise’s datacenter while maintaining a complete view of the entire infrastructure.

It enables you to develop hybrid applications which leverage both cloud and on-premises resources. You can also take advantage of backup, recovery and storage options with enhanced efficiency and significantly reduced cost.

Basically, the hybrid cloud model which blends the elements of private and public cloud, is primarily a private cloud which allows an organization to knock into a public cloud where and when it makes sense.

In general, all cloud models provide security measures to keep apps and data secure. However, if we compare the hybrid cloud model to a public cloud, then it becomes visibly clear that hybrid cloud model offers a much higher level of security for sensitive instances and data.

The major benefits that Hybrid Cloud offers include:

  • It can transform your datacenter while making you capable of unlocking insights on any data

  • It empowers people-centric IT

  • Consistency across clouds with familiar resources and tools

  • Extends your existing datacenter with familiar identity & development solutions and a consistent management toolset.

  • Offers enterprise grade security and performance in both cloud and datacenter

  • Meets rapidly changing business requisites with astonishing flexibility

  • Delivers capacity on demand perfectly

The three platforms on which Microsoft is offering Hybrid cloud services include:

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2012 R2 offers a multi-tenant enterprise class datacenter to businesses along with a cloud infrastructure which simplifies the process of deployment of IT services.  On this platform, you can get cost effective multi-node business permanence scenarios with at-scale disaster recovery and high service uptime.

As an web platform and open application, Windows Server 2012 R2 helps you to develop, deploy and scale high density websites and modern applications for the cloud and the datacenter. It also makes IT capable of empowering the users by providing them with flexible policy based resources while efficiently protecting the corporate information.

System Center 2012

Microsoft envisions a new era of IT with a consistent platform for all, data, applications and infrastructure, which they call as Cloud OS. The cloud OS spans your service provider datacenters, data center environment and Wimdows Azure enabling the organizations to easily cloud optimize their businesses at highly affordable prices.

Microsoft’s System Center 2012 R2 delivers agile system administration and unified management for the Microsoft’s Cloud OS by offering unswerving management experiences Windows Azure, service provider and on-premises environments. Some of the exceptional features that Data System 2012 delivers include enterprise class capabilities, cost efficiency, simplicity and a hybrid enabled application focused approach.

Windows Azure

Windows Azure enables you to use cloud along with your existing applications and infrastructure, leveraging common skills, technologies and tools.

It addresses your heterogeneous IT requisites from Microsoft .Net to Java, SQL to Oracle & HADOOP databases, Windows Server to Linux quite efficiently.  Windows Azure seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure & IT assets like no other cloud while providing a flexible, open and broad platform backed with reliability and security you can depend on.

hybrid-cancloud4Hybrid Cloud in Canada

Microsoft Canada also promoted three of its latest products  Visual Studio 2013, Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2, by bringing forward the fact that these products will allow you meet the rising demands of both, private and public clouds.

They also promoted that by using our System Center, enterprises can easily manage private, public and standard cloud infrastructures and the Active Directory will enable to maintain a single entity across any infrastructure. It was also mentioned that an European Telecom company Telefonica S.A has deployed Microsoft’s private cloud solution for virtualizing thousands of their servers.

There are several companies who are providing Hybrid Cloud services in Canada as enterprises are taking interest to deploy the same in order to reap the benefits that this new technology has to offer.


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