Privacy Matters and Procurement best practices: Edmonton and Google Cloud services

Buyers-Guide1Case studies are the building blocks of solid best practices, and especially in the Cloud computing field where they can share repeatable knowledge and assets for others to repeat these practices.

For example not only is the City of Edmonton moving to Google Apps a flagship example of a Canadian user of Cloud services but they also share critical insights and resources for how they questioned and addressed the privacy aspects of hosting such sensitive information from schools on the Google Cloud service.

The CIO is a leading champion of Cloud adoption, discussing issues like the Patriot Act in this IT World Canada interview, and on the Schools site they share this detailed documentation of how they ensure it met the requirements of their Privacy laws, and includes resources for others to support their own Privacy Impact Assessments.

The Business Case for Cloud

Very importantly the City of Edmonton also had a very clear and well documented business case for the migration.

As described by David Eaves, Edmonton was the first city to move to Google Apps. He also includes a link to the business case proposal for making the move.

Edmonton described their implementation of Google Apps will enable them to achieve their ‘Workspace Edmonton’ program goals.

As described in their announcement:

“An agreement recently signed with Google opens the door for all City employees to access their online resources from any place, location and with any device.

For the first time, those City employees who do not have an email account will have one as well as access to other office technology tools called Google Apps, such as docs, spreadsheets and presentations. Currently, about 3,000 employees who work throughout the City and not in an office setting do not have email accounts.

Google Apps will enhance productivity, efficiency and collaboration between departments while maintaining strong security and privacy standards.

“This move supports our City Vision, The Way Ahead, to use the most innovative technologies available,”

said city manager Simon Farbrother.”


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