How The Cloud Can Keep Canadian Business Afloat

Canada’s been seeing a slight recovery from its recession recently, with bankruptcies declining slightly from one year to the next. Still, there are companies that can’t keep up with the excessive challenges that are appearing as a result of the harsh climate. How can we keep businesses in Canada, particularly domestic ones, solvent?


One way to cure the illness is by introducing more businesses to the cloud. This includes providing cloud-based services that bring accessible and affordable enterprise-class services to them. Put simply, the cloud will save businesses money, in most cases. But it’s not just about money. In the business world, time is also an asset. The cloud also helps increase their productivity and get more done in less time. This essentially translates to less man hours necessary to pull off a project. In the end, less employees can get more work done. Or, when seen through other lenses, that same amount of employees can get even more work done.

Aside from that, organizations such as the Canada Cloud Network can provide avenues to better promote products and services on the Internet that would help businesses succeed. This creates “hubs” that businesses can use to get in touch with new and innovative Canadian cloud vendors that create the products they love the most.

In addition to all of these things, there’s one that should take center stage: The advocation of a framework that would allow businesses to do what they do best. In the current economic climate, a lot of businesses have been leaving Canada because of its inability to attract investment. When trying to find what’s causing this problem, people like to look through a microscope and examine small details of the bigger picture. Perhaps it’s time we actually stand back and look at the elephant in the living room. The country is riddled with problems that have created a quasi-hostile environment for businesses.

We can no longer afford to ask, “What can we do to solve these problems?” Instead, we must ask, “How can we work around these problems and provide an untampered medium by which businesses can peacefully operate?” The answer to the question, as always, is to make the cloud more known. We must raise awareness of the cloud, SaaS, and IDaaS services that can seriously slash their costs to fractions of what they used to be. We have to take advantage of the fluidity and flexibility of the Internet as a framework by which businesses will survive.

The one thing that Canada’s starting to lack in is innovation. New ideas don’t pop up as frequently as they do in other countries, and it’s mainly because people are afraid to get their feet wet. We must promote a strategy that will inspire people to create. Businesses often feel the need to get creative when they adopt new solutions that help them multiply their productivity and explore new methods for managing tasks.

How do we get businesses to adopt cloud solutions? The biggest barrier is security. Corporations feel rather vulnerable when thinking of the cloud because of the fact that they’re sharing it with many other concurrent users. They need to feel convinced that everything is safe. Sweet-talking them into a sale isn’t enough. We have to ensure that they have the facilities necessary to prevent attacks from happening. Another common fear is downtime. Cloud servers need to be more robust and the lines they operate on need to be ultra-stable. Otherwise, dissatisfied customers will refrain from ever again touching the cloud.

With these goals in mind, we can form a proper strategy:

  • Raise Canadian cloud vendor awareness through organizations like CCN.
  • Make Canadian cloud based services enticing to businesses looking for savings.
  • Participate in discussions regarding business innovation.
  • Enhance cloud security and entice businesses looking for security.
  • Enhance server and line stability.

It’s easier said than done. Most of the items on this list are nearly impossible to accomplish on an individual basis. It’s time for cloud vendors to organize and develop a concrete plan of action that would better give Canadian businesses the proper push they need to keep themselves alive. More investment in the cloud will one day be translated as more investment in Canada’s future.

The cloud can provide a resource more valuable than any commodity, reaching out to everyone from entrepreneurs to small businesses, and then to large conglomerates of corporations. Each of them can benefit from this great resource and share in its joy. What’s best for business is best for Canada’s national interest. By improving public and private sector operations, we improve the economy and, as a consequence, improve the lives of the country’s citizens.

About Mayukh Gon

Mayukh is the Founder/CEO of PerfectCloud Corp. He has over 15 years of experience working in the technology industry, specifically Middle-ware technologies, Software Development, Identity and Access Management. His company PerfectCloud Corp. is an innovative Cloud company which makes products for enterprises to provide them complete security & privacy for their identities, access and data.


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