Boardsuite – Pioneering Canadian-secured BPaaS model

Oscar Jofre, Founder and CEO of Boardsuite, tells a very compelling story for the global potential of this Canadian Cloud Venture.

First and foremost it brings up the most common Cloud topic – Patriot Act fears, and repeats again the opportunity this presents for the Canadian Cloud industry.

Imagine if the data you were concerned about being accessible to that act was your corporate boardroom documents: Directors pay, upcoming stock market releases, .. etc.

Yeah exactly, so Boardsuite offers a SaaS option for securely storing these documents, and because they host in a SAS-70-approved data centre in Canada, they can offer a unique type of peace of mind and security, a higher class of information security that deserves its own official rank of Canadian Cloud Security ; or at least, a marketing branding campaign to this effect.

As the name suggests BoardSuite is for the executive team, the most powerful folks in the organization, and it’s VIP documents. All public firms must go through these workflows and the execs are liable for any related issues with big fines and jail time involved for if it goes wrong.

So the app clearly scratches a market itch, with the key point to highlight being how the Canadian brand adds more impact to this value. With expertise in key topics like Cloud Privacy, Canada has the opportunity to be the “Switzerland of the Cloud”, a safe location for Cloud vaulting any highly secure data.

BPaaS Innovation

BoardSuite isn’t interesting just for this aspect. What is even more exciting is their innovative use of the lesser known “BPaaS” Cloud model.

Where SaaS is software and IaaS is infrastructure-as-a-service, BPaaS is Business Process-as-a-Service. This is ultimately where the market will head, and in BoardSuite’s case it works through the fact they provide the SaaS for free. That’s right, you can go online and get an entirely free boardroom app.

Once you need to start filing various compliance-required documents, you”ll need to fork out various admin costs to do so, and in many cases people hire lawyers and others to do this for then. So why not simply file it automatically as you’re managing the workflow itself, via BoardSuite? It’s cheaper, faster and more convenient anyway.

So BoardSuite is BPaaS because you’re not even renting software, as a service, any more because you’re actually renting the business process, the ‘File a Tax Return’ process for $150 a time or whatever. They’re charging you per process conducted, not by users accessing software.

The simplicity and sales-enabling nature of this model is why it will take off so quickly once it settles and grows into various niche markets like this.



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